Welcome to the 3rd round!

Food item for 3rd Round is: Fish and Rice

Eligibility to participate:
All UF members (brothers & sisters who are interested) are welcome to take part.

Brothers can submit entries on behalf of the food prepared by their mothers, wives or sisters, if they wish to.

What to do:
Please prepare “Fish and Rice” and send following via PM:

1. Recipe of the food you prepared
2. Pictures of (a). Basic ingredients, (b). Finally prepared food items (Fish and Rice)

Note: Sisters! Please send PM to sister @Sky Lark and keep me copied in that PM. Brothers! Please send PM to me.

Last Date for submission: 20-Feb-2017

How to vote:
Another thread with a poll will be started, and all received entries will be displayed there for voting.
Voting will be anonymous and with multiple choice.


Please always be thankful to Allah :Swt: for whatever you can eat/ drink with ease and kindly keep remembering in your duas and helping your those brothers and sisters who are striving hard to get food on daily basis. May Allah :Swt: bless us all with HIS choicest blessings, Aameen.