Today in dream i saw my deceased friend who died about 3 years ago in Car accident. I am writing complete dream so read it thoroughly. I was at my home, door was knocked and i opened the door. i saw my friend was knocking the door. i asked him to come inside and he sat in out drawing room. My father came and he also sat with him.
Then my father asked me to bring jug of water and glass for him. so i went to showcase to take the glass. My father was also standing beside me, so here is the interesting part of dream which is that i picked glass and father says its mouth is broken , take another glass, then i picked another glass it was too broken , hence i check 3 or 4 more glasses they were too broken from somewhere. Atlast i picked a glass which was beautiful and was not broken hence i took the glass and give it to my friend.

So kindly interpret my this dream.