Salam everyone, hope you are all having a magnificent day.
am a 27 year old male, working on a Psychology degree, I am currently working on a research, where I want to compare people of different religions and their view on the death penalty and how literal people take God's word. This could also be an interesting discussion to start.

Please participate in my study, it should not take more than 5 minutes and if there are any problems, contact information is provided in the questionnaire.

The link provided below is a link to the questionnaire, sadly to gather the information, it needs to be done via. Qualtrics. There will no personal data required. When asked to provide a password, it is simply so that you can withdraw the data if you want to, it should not be a password that you use on any website or anywhere else, as the password chosen will be visible to me.

Thank you for your participation and kind regards
Knút Roy Ellingsgaard