Assalamu aleikom eace:

I want to go straight to the point inshaAllah. Nearly 2 years ago I was in an accident which put me in a hospital for a total of 8 months, 5 of which was in a wheelchair. I had just reverted to Islam prior to this and was really happy about it. While I was in hospital I felt hopeless thinking that I'd never walk again and I drifted slowly from Islam to kufr. Now I want to come back, but it seems like an impossible task. I have no control over my life since I'm rehabilitation. I can't work or go to school yet and winter is so hard for me because I lose all my energy to do anything. I just watch TV and play games. Whenever I try to start praying it feels so tiresome because I don't understand what I'm saying and because I have to sit while I pray. I know it seems silly, but it is a real issue for me. Everything around me is just a mess. I can't talk about God or religion with my family because they're not Muslim and they just don't seem to care. Sometimes I feel like Allah doesn't want me to be Muslim because I'm not worthy of it :astag:

TLDR: My life has become a mess after an accident and now I want to come back to Islam but it seems impossible.

Should I talk to an Imam at my Masjid about this?
Should I move out from my mother and brother in order to pursue my religion?
How do I start relearning the religion? And should I do it in my tempo and not rush it?

Thank you for reading and Jazak Allahu Khairan eace: