Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Assalaamu alaykum warahamatullah.

Dear brothers and sisters, you may or may not be aware a Poetry Tournament started several weeks ago. Details of it are blow...
(If you were tagged and wish to not be tagged in relation to this in future, my sincere apologies. Please kindly let me know so I may avaoid mentioning you in future. :jkk: )

There were 11 submissions for Round 1.
Only 8 poets will progress to the next round, inshaaAllah.
A poll has been included and you are invited to vote for up to and preferably 8 poems - strictly no more than 8,

IMPORTANT: Please do refrain from posting any comments until all 11 poems are posted.

A reminder that all poems for this round were written by entrants around one of the following four themes/topics:

Tests of faith/Patience
Blessings & Favours
Beautiful Character / The Heart
Sins, Repentance & Forgiveness

(There was also a poem submitted by a user which I happened to like quite a bit, but it was sadly withdrawn upon the writer's request!. If it is requested by users and the writer permits, I may post it later on this thread, though it is not a 'votable' entry.)

I also want to thank all the writers for the time and effort they put into writing their poems.:jkk: They were all a pleasure to read, alhamdulillah, and all very different. (Allah Ta'aalaa accept and pardon us.)

Below is a list of the Poems.

1. Once Upon a Sin…
(By RoseProse)

2. Trial and error
(By saif)

3. Repentance
(By Chocolate)

4. Test of Faith
(By William Shaykh Kabeer)

5. Life… A Test Set by the Best - Allah (Swt)
(By Brother In Faith)

6. Raining Mercy
(By Light Seeker)

7. Litany of an Ingrate
(By Dried Ink)

8. Sick Heart CURE NEEDED
(By Poetry Hard Done By)

9. Wudhu In Tequila
(By Dervish)

10. What Do You See?
(By Constance)

11. Allah’s Mercy, Forginess and Grace
(By Zayana)

( :jkk