Okay so a family member of mine who has many rights over me keeps insulting Rasoolullah and I don't know how to react. I understand it's necessary to defend him but I am not sure how to go about it because they have many rights over me.

When they do it, I respond but because I am angry, my voice becomes harsh and loud and I end up giving them dirty looks. I try to remind myself to speak gently and stop making faces but the more they insult, the more I speak and I become even more angry and it feels like I can't control myself. It's like I become immersed and I completely forget.

How do I react properly and what should I do when they start doing this?

They also said that they were going to preach an anti-Islam message so people don't get "brainwashed" like me. They've been insulting him a lot for the past week. What should I do in the future if they really become a propagator of Islamophobia?