How to make a basic Arabic nominal sentences in 2 steps ???
1) In Arabic, unlike in English, you can have a sentence with no verb at all , we don't have verb to be (e.g., am, are, is, etc.) like English.

2) If you want to use this words in sentences :
busy (مشغول) - book (كتاب)- useful (مفيد)- boy (ولد)- smart (ذكي)- food (طعام)- delicious (لذيذ)....
in English we will say:
Ahmed is busy
The book is useful
The boy is smart
the food is delicious

In Arabic put them together without verb to be (am - is - are):
Ahmed is busy أحمدُ مشغول
The book is useful الكتابُ مفيد
The boy is smart الولدُ ذكي
the food is delicious الطعام لذيذ

Here are some words ,try to make your own sentences :encouragement:

pen (قلم)- cheap (رخيص)- computer (حاسوب)- expensive (غالِ)- weather (جوّ)- hot(حار).
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