Salam all,

I was wondering if someone could help clarify is I have divorced my wife.

Basically I have done bad things I have cheated on her 3x before our marriage during our engagement.

I stopped as I knew it would get complicated down the road so I cut off all ties with girls and kept to myself for my wife.

I found out she has been talking to a guy from another village. They had both been talking for 5 years or so, so before me and wifey were engaged.

I was a bit angry but to be honest I was happy that I caught her for some reason.

Now, I am a fair person even when it comes to being harsh against myself.

I said to myself that this is a test for me for what I had done in the past that my wife turned out like this.

I have said the words 'talaq' so her x2 but never a third time,

I have said "Ya Allah swt I divorce her" 3x on more than 4 occasions.

Would anyone who has any knowledge know if she's divorced or?

Jazak Allah