I use to be a very strong Muslim back in the day but I started becoming weaker and weaker without understanding why?

I was putting in some effort but somehow i still kept slipping further and further bit by bit.

I tried to understand why it was happening and what am I doing wrong because i usually didn't do much just laid back lifestyle. I was not doing the wildest sins nor parties or anything to fancy. Just chasing bussiness-life and transactions.

I noticed the society is completely disfavorable to true muslims who want to be sincere towards Allah. Sins come to you like flies land on dead carcass.

1. The house or apartment is either signed on Riba or loan Riba which is even worse but even normal rent apartments are also pre-riba deals. (This is a major sin ladies and gentlemen)

2. TV, Internet Wifi, and Phone companies contract all includ pre-riba deals.

3. forget about loans........

The everyday outdoor life is also disfavorable to practicing muslims because everything is pornography commerialized and women are everywhere and some even hitting on you in your work place. The fun part is that when they know you are the type who is serious and devoted who don't want to talk to women they will seek you out just to spoil things for you just to create fitna.

The media is watered down with garbage. I even know many non-believer friends who stopped listening to the media and stopped watching tv altogether.

having kids in the west is even far worse then living here yourself. I strongly recommand the brothers and sisters to start to build there houses elsewhere.