So I lost about $3 in the vending machine at my uni. The vending machine just took my money and did not give me my snacks. I could not even get it returned. I called the uni security, went to the uni technical office, exhausted all measures, and they said unfortunately they will not give me any refunds. Those stupid people.

Tomorrow I will take some snacks worth $3 from the uni cafe. Pray it will go well bismallah.

The vending machine has stuff that are $0.30 cheaper than the uni cafe. So I planned on getting 2 hot chips and 2 dorritos to share with my friends that cost $0.75 each (Total $3). In the uni cafe they cost $1.05 each (total $4.05). So I will be taking 2 hot chips and 2 dorritos from the uni cafe as if I took them from the uni vending machine. My right alhamduliallah.

It is only my right.

This is halal correct. I am not stealing, I am just taking what is mine back.