He ain't good enough for you
He ain't on deen,he's out planting beans
Don't try chat to me, you smell of nicotine
I want a pure brother,someone who will pamper me
My daddy didn't put me through uni for you
Now this girl is putting full stops on the lot
She's too good for the brothers who shave
But she still catching feelings like a normal human
You see her attending lectures twice
Asking marriage questions after the walkout
too set in her ways, equal to men she says
But is she too proud in her faith
Always quick to jump the gun
More false starts than paralympics
Beneath the tough screen reflects a sis
Underneath the chastity there's no dark abyss
But you stamp her arm with a compass she bleeds
Put her finger on a radiator and she will shriek
Drown her in a well and she might drown
Get the torch lights out,
maybe she doesn't wanna be found
I appreciate your struggle in being a symbol of purity
If you really had the Midas touch
I could compare you with the Statue of Liberty
After you inhale, just remember to exhale
Respiration,but are you looking for God beyond the smog