Salam alekum wa rahmatullah wa barakeetuh,

What are your favorite tips to awake for fajr?

“There are angels who take turns in visiting you by night and by day, and they all assemble at the dawn (Fajr) and the afternoon (Asr) prayers. Those who have spent the night with you ascend to the Heaven and their Lord, Who knows better about them, yet asks, ‘In what condition did you leave My servants?’ They reply, ‘We left them while they were performing Salah and we went to them while they were performing Salah.’” (Bukhari)

-go to sleep after isha/ early
-be in state of wudu
-اذكار النوم - Adhkar Before Sleeping
-have a intention to awake for fajr
-sleep on right side
-put alarm on far, that you have to get up to switch it off
-think benefits and rewards of fajr salat
-contemplate death often
-promise yourself nice brekkie
-ask your family/friends to awake you up