why can't we take the student loan (uk/west)?
It Seems people take child support because there is no contract to sign and because they contribute via paying taxes and sometimes need them.
But uni is unfortunately a rip off education as many know, because many believe it should be free (as it once was) or a lot cheaper. So they say that it is their right to go to uni regardless of whether they pay back the full loan or not (riba does sound horrible, paying in excess for a course that has already tripled in price and increases the longer time goes on). So you might as well go to uni it makes sense as it is all a big mess and the government is supposed to help it's citizens.

So signing a contract is haram for riba, but what about everything else? You will lose either way.

The people that go to uni with a peaceful mind I wish I could do the same, because they say there is no choice, it should be free so you might as well get a loan, and you won't be wronging anyone if you don't pay it back, because it is expensive when it should not be. They still enjoy their education and careers.
I said interest is haram but was told to get real basically.

But then again for most courses, it is not impossible to make money before enrolling, working and saving.