Salam alaikum brothers and sisters.

I have been suffering extreme waswas for the past year. I have been experiencing waswas in general for around 2 and half years but its gotten worse and worse. I say wallah to things so much even though i dont know the outcome for example: wallah this man is 35 just stupid little things and I feel like Im being forced to say it so that the answer in the end is wrong and I said wallah over it so I commited a sin I also get extreme waswas about Allah and very bad things about Allah that I dont want to think of but I do. Shirk also is a problem it's like I want to commit it astagfurillah my mind is forcing me to commit it. When Im holding the quran my mind forces me to think of false things and swear the quran over it or swear the quran over something that I cannot do and I cannot stop it. What shall I do? Is this waswaas? Have I commited shirk?