Going through hard times, despite living a wholesome life, and confused as to why you are going through difficulties?... Here is an uplifting video about trials vs. punishments from Allah. I personally think we (Muslims) have adopted this Christian/Dunya understanding about sin and punishment. And that punishments, at least in this life, come when you have done something bad or when you have fallen short. But thats not really the case... So when we do hit testing times, people be like "this is dunya, you are gonna get hard times, even really tough times. its just the way it is" or you constantly question yourself on what you did wrong and if Allah hates you. I see these question online all the time and trust me, I personally know its a dark and confusing place to be when things really go down, despite doing everything right, and not understanding why.


Anyway hashtag: Youwillwin... stayoptimistic and goodvibes :shade: