ASALAMO ALAYKOM, i am in my early 20's and for the fourth time in the last 12 months, i have been living certain episodes that last at least a week, where my senses significantly fall away:
loss of taste, reduced reactivity to touch, diminished reaction to heat or cold, diminished intellectual capacities, numbness in the muscles, inability to sense the need to drink, eat, pee, loss of the track of time...

i am a rigorous practitioner of the salat and respectful of the fundamentals of Islam, but i have noticed that this inexplicable state occurs following the resurgence of these bad habits that i have been trying to get rid of unsuccessfully:

1)looking excessively in the mirror; we have reflective windows in every room at home.
2) succumbing to masturbation although that happens very rarely (at most once a week)
3) not reading the quran for a week

i did an exhaustive blood work and that came clean, doctors told me that i am perfectly healthy. Nevertheless, these episodes horribly impact my daily life and disable me from my basic work capacities. i hope i can find help in this forum. thanks a lot.