:astag: Am struggling at the moment with my relationship with my husband we have been married for 10 years now but have no children
But i have mental health problems and no one in my family will take care of me Am still in love with my husband ...my husband isnt Muslim and has no interest in becoming Muslim i myself am struggling with religions going back and forth between faiths ...Normally me and my husband rarely fighting but today because i have felt that its right for me to follow Islam again he started shouting at me and had a go at me
he punched the bedroom door which now has a hole in it he calmed down now my sister is here and id said id speak to a minster friend about me wanting to follow Islam again most likely to get me to change my mind ...The person am speaking to will say am not Muslim am Christian
i know i shouldn't have gone back to Church but i feel pressured into doing what my mother , husband and friends
i know i shouldnt have turned my back on Allah Am unable to take care of myself as my health ( hearing voices and depression seeing things and POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER ETC ) i cant go out on my own as i am a danger to myself and others ( i tried to jump on the tracks of the train station as i was very unwell at the time) i want to say i have felt guilty every day that i turned my back on Allah ...av just kept quiet about it until now ...unsure what to do unsure if am even sane here