I know there are times when stress causes you to see things that are not there, in this case misreading, but at times I have experienced an uncanny situation where when I used to use certain social media, I would click on other profiles to see their posts, in this case, tweets, and twice I remember repeatedly thinking the exact(?) same phrases, words, sentences, as typed. It was very specific and when reading them again it was the same.

Sometimes over bizarre words and at that vulnerable time I really felt it was me they were talking about but at the same time I knew that was not what was happening.

Is this just a coincidence? I won't type out the words but they were just individual experiences of interactions the people had with other people in real life.

If not a very odd, uncanny coincidence, what could it be? How did I repeatedly think of those phrases in my head and read read the exact same words typed out?