There are many beneficial threads and comments on this forum that we may be unaware of.

So how about we use this tread as a pointer to any useful thread or comment which we found really beneficial so that perhaps others may also benefit. In doing so, although you may not be the author of the particular thread or comment, you too will earn some ajr/reward.

It is hoped this thread will become a gathering place and collection of very useful information so that others can benefit without spending ages browsing inshallah.

The proposed format for posting should be along the lines of:

1) Title of topic
2) Link to thread, comment or website
3) Quote useful comment so that others may instantly benefit

You may post religious or non religious information. It could be serious or light hearted. It may even be something external to the forum that you personally know about and want to share with others in the form of your own comment. As long as it's of benefit in some way, it's all good.

Please respect input from everyone.