Salams. I feel pretty down and miserable at the moment and I feel like I am just a total burden to my parents, the only reason they feed me and cloth me is because I am their child and they have to... I feel like my dad don't even like me, I'm losing motivation at school and I have zero patience for anything or anyone. It's nearly 4am and I'm laying in bed unable to sleep, I feel like such a waste of space.

I've overheard my parents talking about me and they blame themselves and it's not their fault I know it's not their fault. I am just stressed out with school and other things I feel like I am going to fail my exams and not get into uni and everything is just going to come crumbling down. I mean seriously I bring absolutely no value to this family at all, my older sister is like the golden child, never put a step out of line and I think they expect the same from me... I should be like her and I try but I just can't keep my problems inside.

Probably going to miss fajr this morning, great more sins added to my list There is another issue which I'm embarrassed to talk about but I'm in my late teens so I'm sure you can guess what it is. It's all just too much and I feel like I need to get away from everything, just go to a deserted island for a few days lol.

Have any of you been through similar issues? What did you do? I make honest sincere dua every night but they go unanswered it seems. I feel like Allah swt has abandoned me.

And if you're going to reply with spoiled brat or entitled child or any other such names don't bother replying, you know who you are, I need advice not criticism.