Please read the translation of verse 1 of the surah Al-Maa'idah (5:1) along with the Expl. Note 3:

(5:1) Believers! Honour your bonds!1 All grazing beasts of the flock2 are permitted to you except those which are recited to you hereinafter, but you are not allowed to hunt in the state of Ihram (a state of pilgrim sanctity).3 Indeed Allah decrees as He wills.4

Exp.note 3:

3. Ihram is the name of the simple apparel worn at the time of Pilgrimage. In every direction around the Ka'bah, there are certain fixed points beyond which no Pilgrim may proceed without donning this special Pilgrim's garment in place of his normal clothes. This apparel consists of two sheets of untailored cloth, one of which is wrapped around the lower part of the body while the other is thrown over the upper part. This manner of dressing is termed ihram because once a man has assumed it he must treat as prohibited a number of things which are ordinarily lawful, for example either shaving or trimming the hair, or using perfumes and other items of toiletry and the gratification of sexual desires. These restrictions also extend to both killing and hunting, and to leading anyone else to either kill or hunt an animal.

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Here is the command of Allah in the verse 1 of the 5th surah. The words in Arabic are:

??? ???? ????? ? ???? ???

Which mean: “No hunting while you are in ihram.” (hunting is not halaal for you while you are in ihram”

So this Command is very clear in the Holy Quraan. Then in the verse 2 of the same surah permission is given for hunting after the removal of ihram. The translation of the (5:2) is:

(5:2) Believers! Neither desecrate the symbols of (devotion to) Allah,
5 nor the holy month, nor the animals of offering, nor the animals wearing collars indicating they are for sacrifice, nor ill-treat those who have set out for the Holy House seeking from their Lord His bounty and good pleasure.6 But once you are free from Pilgrimage obligations, you are free to hunt.7 Do not let your wrath against the people who have barred you from the Holy Mosque move you to commit undue transgressions;8 rather, help one another in acts of righteousness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and transgression. Fear Allah. Surely Allah is severe in retribution.

Exp. Note 7:

7. Ihram is also one of the symbols of God and violation of any of the prohibitions which should be observed in that state is an act of sacrilege. The prohibition of hunting while in the state of ihram is mentioned in connection with the desecration of the symbols of God. When ihram is over, the prohibitions become void, and one is permitted to hunt.

See, how much clear and direct are the commands in Allah’s Book with explanation according to the Sunnah.

According to some writer, a faqeeh explains this simple permission as to be fard or mustahab (desired) to hunt after removing ihram. This means that he/she is committing a big sin. He cannot change the Hajj manaasik because they are again a hadeeth mutawaatar (continuously practiced by hundres of thousands of Muslims since the time of the Prophet (Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon him). But he, by such wrong ta’weel (explanation) of the verses, has strayed many Muslims. They deviate Muslims from the understanding of the Quraan + Snnah and thus good practicing Muslims have become ignorant and weak!!!

In the 5:95 a more strict Command of the Prohibition has come along with the command of paying kafaarah for those who violates this Command intentionally.

(5:95) Believers! Do not kill game while you are in the state of pilgrim sanctity.110 Whoever of you kills it wilfully there shall be a recompense, the like of what he has killed in cattle - as shall be judged by two men of equity among you - to be brought to the Ka'bah as an offering, or as an expiation the feeding of the needy, or its equivalent in fasting111 in order that he may taste the grievousness of his deed. Allah has pardoned whatever has passed; but Allah will exact a penalty from him who repeats it. Allah is All-Mighty. He is fully capable of exacting penalties.

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So we must know the serious nature of Allah’s Commands and must obey them to be protected from Hell. Therefore please do understand the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah. Both are present side by side in any tafseer. On you will find three good tafseers for understanding the Holy Quraan.

I had to start this thread because I found some Muslims making horrible mistakes about the Holy Quraan. This is because they are not in regular contact with the Holy Quraan. They just read some books of fuqahaa about the verses of the Holy Quraan and hadeeth; and the ruling derived from them and thus are misled.