Assalamualaikum wa rahmetullahi barakatuhu,

I am wondering what you guys work as? No matter how I look at it, I always find points in jobs that will contradict with Islamic principles or that fit not into my thinking of ethics.

If you study something in humanities you probably end as a taxi driver, in a worse case jobless or as a slave for the industry. If you study something in the economics, you will get a job but probably for a company that oppresses his employees, not to forget that you will have great likelihood to deal with ribaa - in any way. If you work as a Manager, you have to add those evil things into your calculations; work with them indirectly.

Even if you go to economics, you will be in the midst capitalism and try to maximize the profit of the company. No compromises - human rights? Who cares! Environment? Boring: coal is suddenly good again! Even tough you can work as Project Manager, of course you will be within the system, but I think there no way out. If you want to have a roof over your head, you need to do something. I personally only see two options:

1. Get oppressed.
2. Be the oppressor.

That's pretty rough view. However, it's like the survival of the fittest. The oppressed wants to be judged rightfully or wants to escape from his work situation and increase in his position to become a oppressor; just to not be anymore the oppressed. Of course there might be niches and it always depends on what you individually do in a situation. E.g your chef wants to oppress? Don't oppress! Fight against it. Create something at your own. But this is time consuming and personally I think it's not worth. You can spend your time with useful stuff instead of just trying to maximize your profit or to fulfil the critics of this system. Life is all about compromises, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the Deen and your ethical convictions.

We live in societies - especially in the west - where greed has became something good. In a system that is based on greed. That's all well and good, but do we need to participate? How can we find a way of having a job that fulfils oneself and not go against values that actually should consensus of all people.

Long story short: Are there any other ways to spend your life time at work without doing something useless? No matter how I look at it, if you want to do something useful you need to go into the social branch. Or can someone here convince me that you can change the world to a better place when you study a field of economics? One good point as a Project Manager is, you're most likely learning to manage time. And Allah swears by time in Surat Asr. So that actually is the most valuable we have. btw; Can you imagine, we've the 28th of January? The month is almost over, haven't the people celebrated the new year just some days ago?