As-salaamu `alaykum!

"The Obama Administration has made a habit of dramatically underreporting civilian deaths in its assorted military operations around the world, but took things to a whole new level in what will presumably be their last such document, claiming only*one civilian killed all year*in US drone strikes “worldwide.

The report, which Obama requires by executive order, nominally for the sake of transparency, claims a massive decrease from the number of civilians killed the year prior in drone strikes, and managed to achieve this by deliberately excluding the overwhelming majority of the US drone strikes carried out in 2016 from the report’s definition of “worldwide.” Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are not counted......" (Source)

Since I'm not a faqih or someone whose extremely knowledgeable in Islaam, still studying it. But, is it allowed to retaliate? Send a drone or a bomb to a kaafir country so they can be taught a lesson for the damage they are doing in our countries? Maybe gather Mujahideen to kill*American soldiers that exist in our countries? What I mean is if they bomb and kill innocent civilians in our countries, aren't we allowed to wage jihad against them in order to protect our blood, property (i.e., house, wealth etc.), honour and dignity?*