They used to laugh at me when I said i write
Poems are for wordsmiths and whites
But na at first I just wrote for the sake of writing
Before Long I needed more cartridges for fountain pens
The emotion used to flow like a punctured wound
No towel could put enough pressure on the sound
Now the emotion doesn't flow
The words breakdown, they need a tow
I can't write about stuff that doesn't touch me
They ain't no wool inside of me
Nowadays I remember my ammi ji
How she sheltered me from the streets
I was inside reading books when they were knocking
on the windows for me
When I had a detention it was the guilt trip
The emotional breakdown ,that's one Jin I couldn't sip
To be honest though I still can't
But I don't write for Kant
Disb3l13v3r, this ain't no egg hunt
But forget the madness,
Some scars are birth marks
Some weeks go by now and I don't see you
But you're like the angel on my right that's always visible