Basically there’s a sister living in a another country (few hours of flight).
I had seen her on social media and sincere in my intention I was trying to figure out a way to ask her hand in a halal manner.
There’s a brother, who together with his wife have a social profile so I asked for their help and on my behalf they contacted the sister.
We did have some communication, but short after they returned saying that the sister didn’t want me to wait nor that she is interested.

Now, I know she is interested in marriage 101% and she barely knows anything about me. So I don’t think it’s because of “me”.
What I think is making her ask me to “not wait” is because of the studies and she can't make any promises.

In all honesty, I have started to study and learn the language spoken in that country.
Just to be able to fluently have a conversation with her family, keep the intention clean In Sha’Allah (my own family is in a question mark, me suddenly learning a foreign language )
Now I did plan to wait a few months and ask her again, like I really want to ask her for marriage but don't want to sound like a stalker who spends hours and hours to learn a language and shows up again.
Rather a man with respect and dignity that is purely there for khair.

Any ideas on what I should do?
May Allah reward you all, amin!