To know more about the background of my life struggle please see my other posts.

To cut the story short my mum & siblings are agaisnt my wife and believe she is a lier, conducts black magic and cant cook or clean properly.


They want me to send her back home (saudia arabia) for couple of months or move out on the basis that I will have no connection with my family (mother & two siblings) anymore till death. My mother isn't the sort of persoon who would forgive and forget so me moving out means end with my family..

Now, on one side my wife has/is doing whatever it takes to please them i.e wash, clean, cook etc but it isnt working at all.

My mum is not well and blames my wife to be the reason for this and has told me I EITHER SELECT MY WIFE OR HER AND I HAVE THIS WEEKEND TO DECIDE.

What shall I do?