Assalamu alaykum,

Can anyone provide tips in detail about Baqara reading and listening effects? Since I'm quite slow in reading Quran and not able to read whole Baqara in one day, does it have effects if it's devided, for example 1/3 of Baqara per day?

Secondly, I'm also trying to memorize aya by aya of Baqara, and does it have an effect? For example, I spend about 45 minutes in memorizing 3 ayas.

Third, since I'm trying to memorize, does it cancel effect on reading whole Baqara or it gives strength?

What are the tips in listening in order to have an effect?

I have also found very difficult to memorize al Baqara, which is not the case with Kahf, Mulk, etc. I spend a lot of time with only one aya, and tomorrow I don't remember it. But with other suras it's not the case. Can anyone have an idea why?