Assalamu ALaikum

I thought it would be a good idea to answer the most googled questions about Islam/Muslims that come up in search engines. Feel free to post and answer what you got from your side of the world!

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Here's what I got when I googled "Do Muslims..."

Edit: These questions have been copied here

Do Muslims believe in Jesus?

Yes! As a beloved prophet, not as our lord and savior.

Do Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving?

Some do, but it's not an Islamic holiday and it's not allowed.

Do Muslims celebrate Birthdays?

Some do, but again, not Islamic and not allowed.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?


Do Muslims eat pork?


Do Muslims believe in God?

Yes! And we call Him Allah and describe him by his names.

Do Muslims eat beef?

Yes, but it has to be slaughtered in an Islamic method called zabiha, which ensures that the animal is respected, raised properly, and Allah's name is said upon it.

Do Muslims wear turbans?

Some do, but it's more of a cultural custom than an Islamic practice.

Do Muslims celebrate Halloween?


Do Muslims believe in heaven?

Yes! See