so this have been bothering me for a long time and has been happening for a looooong time

whenever Im at a public place mye face have this littel movements like twitches. I cant controll it. It happens around the mouth( so my chin shakes a littel) and i Blink aswell. Its very noticibal. My chaws also moves. Its so akward because peopel can see it. BUT this only happens in public places were there is a lot off peopel like in a buss or a train. Maybe it happens when peopel look at me. I know jinns cuases movements but this ONLY happens in public and in the face.
And NO I dont have anxiety(only very littel) but im very relaxed when this happens.

So I had 2 dreams that are related to evil eye ( However Jinns/magic I had TONS of dreams). There isnt much information out there about evil eye. Like what are the symtoms??. Ive reaserched a lot and I know a lot about evil eye. But thers still not much useful informastion out there.

Can jinns enter thru evil eye? and what is causing these movements( Since im not sure if i have evil eye) or maybe I should just visit a doctor