Salam alaikum. The culture on that forum is hideous, is this what one can expect at university? I made one post on a thread in the religion section and got an onslaught of questions about why I believe in Islam lol. Avoid that forum brothers and sisters, it's like shaytans paradise in there.

I hope the university mentality will not be the same, I mean it's online and people are anonymous so perhaps in the flesh at uni people will respect others beliefs and views. If you do go on there stay clear of the religion section and just go to the I-SOC (islamic society) thread. Anyone here at uni or has been to uni, what has your experience been like? I was going to make a post to try and find some Muslimahs going to the same uni as me inshallah but I've kinda been put off now.

What is the biggest problem / issue we should know beforehand? Alcohol and fitna everywhere of course but anything in particular that stood out as extremely problematic?