I am 32 male. Having an anxiety disorder for a very long time. Its a mixture of social anxiety and some kind of other anxiety related issues. I dont what really is. But I know one thing. It ruins my life. I am super anxious. I always gets this nervous sweat. I dont know how to talk with people. I dont know how to deal with them sometimes. In between I talk I feel like I lost. I dont know what I am going to say next. Suddenly I feel like an emptiness inside my brain. I lose the chain of talk. Then I say something stupid next and make a fool out of myself. I am so confused. Not ending there. I am on edge always. If I am in a tensed situation I can hear my heart beats so fast. I feel like a very weak guy with zero confidence. Even if a guy comes towards me and he ask me like 'what are you looking at' I get so scared and I feel like it may escalate to a fight. I am scared of fights but I am confused if i get in to one how i am gonna handle it. I feel so weak. I am so nervous. Anxiety attacks me at its best. I have a post traumatic stress disorder as well. I dont want to take any medications. It will only make things worse. I dont want to go to any psychologists. I will complain only to Allah Almighty. Because I love Allah and I pray to him regularly. I join congregation prayer at masjid even for Fajr. I am proud about that. I pray to him always.*

So my question is Will Allah azavajal compensate my troubles in this world with something far better in the hereafter?

Jazakumullah Khair