Assalam Alaikum

Uf has been getting abit stagnant. One of the reasons is lack of google's attention.

Ummah forum gets visitors when people type something in google

Now recently uf has been sliding down in google for lots of keyterms. Eg ......

uf was has gone one 4 places down from 6th to 10th for the word MashAllah meaning. similary for "quran quotes" it has gone from 11th to 12th. ie it has slid one spot down in google. So lets move uf up in google ie the search engine

There are lots and lots of words for which uf can be pushed up in google
What will this achieve?

Well, when we discuss these topics here on the threads threads that are ranking for that particular posts in google then hopefully uf will be pushed up in google page one. This means more visitors and more visitor mean more potential members. I mean come on, lots of us registered here because we were lurking around after we found uf while searching something on google