My two year old son loves to watch Disney's Sleeping Beauty, and in particular Prince Phillip. So for Halloween, I made him a Prince Phillip costume with a cardboard shield. Like in the movie, I made the shield with a Christian cross on it.

He has friends who are twin brothers and Muslim. Since they have at least as much energy as my son I'm thinking it would be fun to make shields for them too. They are Turkish, so I thought I would make them a pair of Ottoman-era round shields.

From some searching on the internet, I found many examples of sun devices on Ottoman shields circa 15th and 16th centuries. Since the boys are twins I thought perhaps I could make one shield with a sun and one with a moon. But, I only found one example of a shield that bears a crescent.

Which brings me to this forum: Is it appropriate to place a Muslim crescent on a shield, the same way we see crosses on Christian shields? Or would this be offensive?

Thank you!