“Crunch… That was the sound one of Habib’s kittens smashed undeath his one of his parents’ foot as it’s eyeballs poped out of his head. “Go away,nobody wants you here;go upstairs” . Habib felt some sorrow,but he didn’t cry because moments like this were second nature for him.
One day when his community of idol worshippers were worshiping a rock, and one of them decided to give a sermon when they decedided to lynch those who didn’t praise the rock. Habib was a perfect target for this .Habib objected to this, but he was beaten anyways and he was thorn out of the congregatation. He felt belittled and hurt.
Habib began to cry not because he was hurt but because he was thrown out of the congregation. Whe he saw this he met a bee that was hurt,and he held it in his hand and gave it water. The bee was pleased. Just while this happened he hid the bee as his mother was about to give him some food,she didn’t say anything when he said this though. Felt like his tears and heart had been cooled in addition
After she left,the bee “asked why do you stay here?” Habib said “ They don’t hate me ,they hate the fact that I don’t worship a rock,I don’t want to get sway from this,it isn’t this bad,besides ,I have never had anything better. Them hitting me isn’t as bad as feeling rejected;Someone who takes time and effort to do something to us (even if it is violent) is better than someone who completely ignores. Also,because this is second nature to me,I wouldn’t know what to do in a better relationship,I wouldn’t feel like I would be able to conect with anyone who was nice with me. All I would get is sympathy because my entire life has been abuse, so I would I find joy in that relationship. If you took me away from my abusers I would feel lonely and think to myself ‘is this all there is to life?’” The bee felt symaphtic to him and flew away

How can you help me?
What i need to do is pray to God,BTW this story is fictional