Assalamu aleikom brothers and sisters,

I'm turning to you after Allah (swt), because I'm hopeless.. So can you please make duaa for me or advise me on how I can overcome this hardship.

I feel like nth goes right in my life, whenever I get attached to sth it just goes away and most of what I wished for aren't fulfilled.. I'm wondering why ? Maybe Allah is just teaching me how to be patient ? Or maybe it's just another trial.. But it's been sooo long. For many years now and I'm really exhausted and very desperate. I don't even have the strength to do more ad3ia or nawafil..I barely do my fara2id. I'm 'really' tired :'( I can't imagine how things will get better. I want this to stop, at least just for a while, just a break

I know you all people have your own problems and struggles, please tell me what to do.. I've been doing ad3ia, praying all the time, but now I'm stuck. I can't move on.. I don't know what to do.