My mom is a great wife. But my father has been never good with her even though now he is not as bad as before. When we were in Pakistan my father used to insult, beat, torture my mother on daily basis. He used to do these things with her even Infront of his relatives and friends. Not only he was bad with my mother he was also bad with my meternal grandmother like my father used to insult her every time when she visited my mom and sometimes my father used to use inappropriate words my meternal grandmother behind her. Once my father broke my meternal grandmother by throwing the rock on her and insulted her. Basically my father was as bad as anyone could imagine with my mother and meternal grandmother. Few years after that my father planned to settle in uae with us and then we settled in UAE even though my meternal grandmother told my mom that not to go to uae but my mother refused her just for my father. My father attitude with my mother was same in UAE he used to beat, torture, insult and harm in different ways. So after few years my father had business issue with someone and that person putted my father in the prison. My mother tried everything for my father to take him out of it and also tried to contact him but she couldn't. One day my father's friend came to my mom and said to her that he will take my father out of prison but he need 90000 DHS for that. At first my mother tried to contact my father again but couldn't so then she give that money to my father's friend but my father's friend betrayed her he didn't use that money for my father instead he used it for himself. So after 1 month my father came out of prison after completing his punishment but mainly it was because of my mother's intention. in that time my mother did everything for my father. So after few years my father asked forgiveness from my mother and things started to get bit better. My father was better than before but sometimes he still used to insult my mother. So after that my father had financial crisis and my mother helped my father by selling her own jewelry and give her own wealth to my father. Few years after that my father again had some business issues and had to go to prison again. Normally my mother doesn't like to take help and beg others but she did all theses things for my father like she used to say please, please Infront of police just to give message and to let her call him. She used to do it on daily basis just for my father. She arranged money for my father on her own by taking debt and asking help from her friends. My mother used to sit in the court for 3 hours because of my father and that time she requested everyone for my father even though this is against her nature. After that my father came out of prison because of my mother's hard work and money she arranged for my father. Now my father has not been able to send us to school for 3 years so my mother argues and shouts on my father on daily basis only for education. She never ask anything for herself she only shouts for us on my father. Now my mother repeat old things and say to my father " I sold my jewellery for you I helped you in every stage even though you were bad with me and now I can't even shout on you for our children. my father replies with "don't talk about your jewellery thing because when I was in prison at first you wasted my money and I don't have money to send kids to school" my mother cried after listening that jewellery thing because my father friend betrayed her. Her intention was only to help father at that time and my father is comparing my mother's favor with that betrayal of my father's friend. I want to know how good of a wife my mom is? Where my father is wrong? Should I explain to my father?