i accidentally download this bad chat app once i had searched something else in app store another matermorial site just for the sake of it with no intention of even downloading using my brothers id we all use his id to download in app store and it was just saved on my device i told him he still remembers and refers to it at times. its bad because the app is bad its also bad because it wasnot a muslim chat site that makes it worse in my famiys eyes and its also bad because years ago back in college i was with friends that chat harmless chat not dirty but wth the opposite gender and my brother(not this brother) and mum found out i got in trouble so that kind of makes this look not innocent.

this accident happened years ago my younger brother still refers to it it was his id and i wonder if he does not believe me or thinks i do such things etc i dont i honesly did nothing wth that ap but panic and delete it and tell him i wish i had not . i ruined my image over nothing in this case. i do complain about not geting married at home and this makes him and the rest of my siblings believe i am obsessed with boys they have said iam needy i think iam just insecure who knows what he thinks of me now what does refering to it almsot 4-5 years later mean and he will even say things liek you know if you mess up i can hit you..i did not mess up int his case but
what does islam say about hitting those who mess up ?

what do i do? is there anything i can do so its not like he remembers and that this actually ends