The question clearly indicates my key question. i wont say i prayed 5 times a day read the Quran but i struggled doing both and tried to stand firm on my believe apart from what i am going through. Every thing i am about to write is making my eyes watery because i am not sure what has brought me here ? I came here to seek help. If you dont want to then dont please.
Elaborating my questions more would be.
* Does Faith relieve us from misery ? If Yes how ?
* Being Honest doesn't pay anymore, why ?
* If we are to help ourselves, what role does God play in it ?
* I think my main problem is masturbation that i cant quit i feel miserable. Who will help me ? If shaytaan is involed in making us do this act why no holly help ?
* How is studying just about islam going to help me in this world ?
* Since i am in pakistan it doesnt pay much if you dont have good education, i cant shoe polish any boss.
* Every time i try to go on this path of education its just closed for me i get broke or i get some issue saying you need this by tomorrow .
* Nothing is for free except Faith unless if one is rich even his faith is better then the poor.
* How do i find myself ? I no longer know what i will do in my career ?
* I am asking again am i doing something wrong here ? Where Should i go to seek help ?