I went to an event yesterday and I learned something very effective. I really wanted to share it with as much people as I could. Yes it will be long but it worth it! So he basically started by asking us to define what salaam, salaamu calaykum, islam and muslim meant. We obviously said what we thought it was. Salaam - peace, salaamu calaykum - peace be upon you, Islam - surrendering to Gods will and Muslim - someone who surrenders to Gods will. Then he basically showed us an example of an arabic word where the original word added to it can mean something elese. Eg writing, writer and that. Like he showed us the Arabic word and how when you add one letter it becomes the same word but another meaning. For example shahid is one who is truthful. Shaheed isnt a martyr cos its a contradiction. Allah is called a shaheed but isnt a martyr. So shaheed means someone who always carries the truth. So he showed us that it was v meaningful. Then he told us to the same with salaam. The original word is salm which means safety and health. If i say salaam it means safety and health. If i say salaamu calaykum it means may you have safety and health. Islam means willingly taking the path of health and safety. And muslim is claiming to take the path of health and safety. That was really interesting because what we used to think now has become the true meaning. Like willing and surrendering arent the same. The surrendering makes us seem like we have no choice. But willing shows u want to do it. And a muslim isnt someone who surrenders. Its someone who claims they portray health and safety. If you get what i mean. Basically he studies the ancient meaning of words. And unfortunately scholars and that when they cant interpret properly they give it a different meaning. So now this makes us think why safety and health? Everything we do in this life as a muslim is to think about safety and health. Theres 3 types; one is your spiritual, second is your outter one and the last one is your community. It first stars from the inner side and it goes to outer and then the community. So what this means further is every law Allah gives us is because he wants our safety and health. For example drinking alcohol and smoking thats for the inner safety and health. You can get liver cancer or lung cancer thats why its haram. The other one is beating a child for example thats not outer safety. The child will have marks and furthermore the child may suffer traumatically. The communal one is for example cutting nhs. The communitys health and safety are dependant on that and that wouldnt benefit them. So these examples goes to show you that everything we do in this life Allah had the intention of our HEALTH AND SAFETY - which makes you view religious laws in a beautiful rather than why do i have to do this. Now the old meaning of what you used to think has been replaced. We need to adopt the new meaning and understanding. Its a means of protection. Just like our parents protect us. Allah wants to protect us since obv he created us. Now you might be asking so why do we do things like praying and fasting and stuff. Thats because of the safety of the day of judgment. We want our scales to be more on the positive side so we go jannah. We also want Allah to give us shade on that day where there is no mercy apart from his. For example fasting Allah on that day will give you a nice drink - because its going to be very hot. You made wudu because thats your safety for the day of judgement when we have to walk the siraat bridge since we all know its going to be very dark on that day. So the wudu that day protects us and gives us light. Another thing is reading quran it protects us because we know what we need to do and what Allah wants from us to understand and have safety. Reading suratul mulk before you go bed protects you from the punishment of the grave. The three quls protect us from the jinns. Saying acuudu billahi minashaydaani rajeem protects us from the shaytaan. Even when you enter Jannah youre told "salaamu calaykum" - May you have eternal health and safety. Thats what we are always working towards. HEALTH AND SAFETY. As a muslim if we claim to be a muslim we have to ensure we are always engaging in health and safety. We want that unlimited protection on the Day of Judgement. And our health lies in going Jannah not going Hell as we know thats not safety. So I believe everything we do now has to have a meaning for you. This should make you feel like youre understanding why youre doing things in Islam. We arent allowed to be lazy as muslims because if you are lazy you cant work towards health and safety. So make sure youre always enganged in what your claiming to be. A muslim like i said at the top is someone who "claims to be on the path of health and safety". So make sure whatever you do in life its holding this position because thats what you are. Dont let your negative thoughts and that get to you. Since you are on a path of course theres going to be mistakes but you have to conquer them mistakes and then keep going because youre on a path you cannot stop and go back. On this path there will be mistakes and so on. But the true muslim always gets up and keeps walking towards his destination ; Health and Safety.