This thread will be about sharing your tips about how unmarried people can maintain their grace externally.

Yea, we know that that the struggle is real, but we should not show our desperateness externally - no one likes a needy people. However, over time, I am kind of finding it difficult to maintain my grace my overall cheerfulness. I alone sometimes feels annoyed with my constant thinking of marriage and reprimand me for overthinking and remind me of my true purpose, but the bottom line is, I have failed to grow over my marriage obsession.

Currently, I do very well if I am at my office work, but after that, I just want to stay alone. I do not like conversing with my parents and siblings, do not want to go to markets and for shopping for the fear of looking at women but I have to do all these things.

One way is to truly submitting to Allah and accepting his decree whole heartedly which would spare me of my anger/craving for loneliness issues and this is probably the only way and I am also badly failing in that regard.

Share your tips folks.