I am looking forward to being able to provide for myself financially, and yet I am not really much of a materialist person and don't need many possessions to keep me happy (besides good food....one of the reasons I was drawn to Sufism and tasawwuf).....I am eager to be independent of my parents, but don't need to make a six figure salary, I don't think,although I imagine it would be nice.....I am conflicted over whether to go to two year school and then transfer to 4 year school, (my grades aren't enough for a scholarship, I want to spend less money), or just get a two year degree and start working.....what I had in mind was accounting....which means if I got a two year degree I would likely become a bookkeeper....maybe even start my own business.....but if I get a 4 year degree, I have a better chance at employment, andmuch greater earning potential and potential to rise in positions.....but I don't feel like school is for me, because just today, like other days, I had to go home early, because of my mental health issues....today I was so frustrated and angry, I threw an autistic meltdown and I had to go home...I cant imagine doing that at a university and getting away with it.......and I want a simple life....what should I do?