Three simple errors that I note a majority of sisters make when they are inside the Haram especially making Tawaf.

First one is they emulate what others do such as waving at the Rukn Yemeni corner as they pass by it. There is no such action anyone is obliged to carry out unless they are actually at the spot and can conviniently stretch the arm out and touch the corner without a need to stop or even pause.

Secondly, they again emulate others by gestulating with both arms in the air well before they even approach the Hadre Aswad line and push in to touch or rub their hands on the brass casing of Maqam Ibrahim.

But the biggest error is when they decide to perform the tawaf without regards to the time of the next Adhan for Salah. They then get confused when the "mutawas" tell them to cease their tawaf and leave the mataf because the salah is imminent, and they still contine with their tawaf even as the rows begin to form. By that time a few of them are trapped as the salah starts whereby they neither can join the congregational prayer nor move out of the way of the person they physically obstruct by hanging on to the spot.

Sisters are urged to make note of the Salah time and plan their tawaf accordingly.

I performed my umra last week at around 10.30am and it was relatively easy with me doing the walk at a leisurely rate and finishing the tawaf in 15 minutes. The same evening I did a tawaf immediately after maghrib once the janaza prayer was over. By the time Esha Adhan was called I was on my 7th round. Effectively it took me one hour. to complete it under very tight and congested pressure and there were sisters amongst those caught when the salah began.

Please look up the process of performing Tawaf. There is an abundance of information on the websites in addition to books. Please follow the direction given by your school of thoughts and not rely on copying others.