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Some years ago, a certain `Aalim requested me to translate a very beneficial Kitaab of Imaam as-Suyooti, named "al-Araju fil-Faraji" into the English language. The Kitaab itself is in Arabic, and in fact, it is a commentary of a Kitaab written quite a while before by Imaam ibn Abi-d Dunyaa, who had named his Kitaab: "Al-Faraju ba`dash Shiddah" (The Relief After Hardship).

This Kitaab itself is written as a kind of "Tasliyah" (consolation), you could say. It provides an abundance of Ahaadeeth, Du`aas, even poetry, and the subject is about giving the Mu'min hope; increasing his Tawakkul in Allaah Ta`aalaa; assisting him in having Sabr and Shukr; inspiring him; motivating him; freeing him from depression, anxiety, worries and sorrows, etc.

The reason this particular `Aalim had suggested I translate the Kitaab is because he said that, in these times, depression and anxiety have become very common, even among the Muslims (which should never be the case), and so he suggested that this Kitaab be translated which can act - In Shaa Allaah - as a kind of comfort for those who read it. That, after reading it, Allaah Ta`aalaa will remove all of their sorrows, grief and worries and replace it with happiness, Aameen. That was the intention of the respected authors, namely, Imaam ibn Abi-d Dunyaa ???? ???? ????, and later on, Imaam as-Suyooti ???? ???? ????.

It was only recently, though, that I decided to start with the translation of this Kitaab, and Allaah Ta`aalaa granted me the Tawfeeq to begin, Alhamdulillaah. The translation is still in process. What I will do in this thread, In Shaa Allaah, is that, every time a new page is translated, I will post it here. The original Arabic Kitaab is only 88 pages.

May Allaah Ta`aalaa make it a means of benefit to myself first of all and to all those who read it, Aameen.

For today, I will post what has been translated thus far.