I just want to know was I wrong. Me and my wife were having an argument but then my wife said to my son's to come and decide that who's argument is right and I accepted my son's to come and decide who's argument is right but my son's told me that my wife is right and my argument was wrong so I became angry and I said to my 1 son to get out and then my another son defended his brother so I also became angry on him and then I pushed the door and my son's finger got injured it was by mistake so it's not my fault. Then my daughter came to me and used inappropriate words for me because of her brother's finger getting injured so I became angry I cursed my whole family I said bad things to them like I said to them may Allah destroy you and I said to* my childrens that you won't go to school for your whole life and I also said that the money and home is only mine because of my daughter's disobedience to me. I cursed her and said bad things to her and my family. I am not being able to send them school because I have not enough money so I am not wrong. Also because of my daughter's disobedience to me I took her laptops away. So was I wrong in this whole incident?