As-salamu alaykum....

I'm really in so much stress regarding the dispute between me and my fiancee.

I'm moderate muslim who never did Haram things in life and he is the same. He comes from very religious and open minded family.

I'm from Myanmar (Burma) and he is an indian.

When we discuss about marriage, the first issue came up was "staying together with his parents".

Honestly, I don't want to and I think mostthe girls will not want to.

But he keep telling me that he cannot abandon his parents which I never asked him to do.

I tried to convince him that we'll stay on our won for first 1-2 years. Then, we'll move in with his parents if he still want. Because, staying with in-laws right after marriage is really difficult for me since I come from completely cultural background. I need my own space to adjust those differences.

I even suggested that we can go and stay with parents for 2-3 days in a week. Which means, only 4 days we are going to be away from his parents in a week which I think it is totally fine.

He is the youngest one in family. All his siblings are staying with his parents and they are singles. I mean, nothing will happen if we stay on our own for 4 days in a week.

We both are 31 years old. I'm independent, educated, earning good salary, etc... in my life and I'm going to follow to india only because I love him.

I'll never complain for that. But for this issue, staying together since marriage, is a bit too much for me.

He should at least understand me for that. And when I said, he will replied with "I cannot leave my parents which is not allowed in islam, I cannot do this sin, Allah will not forgive me, etc..".

His parents are really open minded and they even told his other siblings to get married and stay on their own. (to his older brothers).

I think now the problem is him.

I'm quite sure that I'll not be happy if I have to agree on all things he wants and I also don't want to lose him since I love him really.

If I'm not happy, it is not so good for both of us and also between me and his family.

I really don't know what to do.

Please kindly suggest me....