I was browsing on YouTube and I saw a video that kept being recommended, I noticed it had a Hijabi in it and I recognized the show. It was Maury, for those of you who don't know Maury is a show for people to figure if their children are really theirs or not, usually for people who have committed zina and it's filled with lots of drama, cussing, slanders etc. It's a show for society's lowest and worst filth to get their 5 minuets of fame. Now with this in mind why is there a Hijab wearing self-proclaimed Muslim on the show airing all of her sins and private matters? Apparently her Kufar boyfriend and her had a kid and her boyfriend is denying the kid is his because he's "too white". Yesterday Subhanallah I watched a lecture about the coming of the day of judgement, imagine how Umar Ibn Khattab :RA: or any of the other Sahabis felt when they herd Rasoolillah :saw: describing the ways of the people in the coming of the day of judgement. It was probably inconceivable to imagine this sort of thing even the non-Muslims at the time would never do such things. This is someone on TV and the internet that is seen throughout the entire world showing her sins and her child, this person claims to be a Muslim. The Prophet :saw: said "Each religion has a unique characteristic, the characteristic of Islam is Hayaa' (modesty)". It's ridiculous how people are Wallah, in your Dua ask Allah to keep the Jammat from the Sunnah to remain firm to the rope of Allah and Tawheed