I follow this sisters blog Livingwiththeunseen and she just posted in her blog. I strongly suggest you follow her if you want to know about jinn possesision, I dont know if i can post it here as its not mine :/ but read it here https://livingwiththeunseen.wordpress.com/

but i wil post some of it( too catch your Attention)

"So this Ruqya session began like any other. The room was again full of sisters and the reciting was inducing reactions in a few of them. Some were sat there with lifeless eyes. So the Raaqi was reciting for over an hour now and I could feel something very unusual happening. Have you seen a nature documentary where there is a few seconds of eery silence before a huge Tsunami attacks the land? Well that’s how it felt inside of my head. I could feel something wanting to erupt inside of me. The Raaqi then started reciting Ayatul Kursk which, he has not done before .

My jaw suddenly clicked. My teeth started grinding. My mouth pulled apart painfully. I started sweating, and my heart rate got faster and faster-

And then, a low monstrous angry sound came out of me.



The Raaqi recited louder.

And then in a clear low whisper, a voice that did not belong to me, wrenched out of my mouth and spoke.

‘Sssstop. Reading. T-those. Words’.

And that’s when all hell broke loose."

Because of this and a dream i had i think i will start reading ayaatul kursi for like 15 min(at least) as ruqyah. In my dream this ayat was strong