Salaam brothers and sisters,

I wanted to ask for advice on a tough situation I am facing in my life currently. A little bit of background about me: I am a Pakistani born Canadian who currently is close to finishing an undergrad degree. My father wants me to get married to a man from back home as soon as I graduate (in a few months). I do not think I am ready for marriage at this point in my life and I have no interest in any potential brothers.

My parents believe in the caste system from Pakistan and only marry from within their families so basically my parents, grandparents etc. are all cousins or related somehow. They don't see anything wrong with this every time I point it out and you can imagine my frustration as a biology major..

I have never seen the brother they want me to before so the first time we would be meeting is when we get married (potentially). However through the months of conversation I have had with him and his family, I do not like this brother and think we are not compatible. I have told this to my parents repeatedly but they refuse to break off the marriage.

At first I couldn't understand the reason why but I have come to learn that there are fights and disagreements back home with my extended family about who I should marry. My grandparents, aunts and uncles all want me to marry my cousin (so he can get a visa) and my father does not like my uncle so he doesn't want that to happen and instead his solution is to get me married asap to another man from back home.

Through my many discussions with them, my mother has advised me if I really don't like this man, I can leave him after he gets a visa and comes here. But this feels very wrong to me as I would be deceiving an honest person I have no intention of staying with. My parents are very religious but they often mix in pakistani values and refuse to listen to understanding: they believe I can be married even without my consent as my dad has the final say, they believe divorce is haraam, that disobeying parents make me a kaafir and if I tried to disobey they have a right to hurt me (honour killing).

The last part scared me honestly to know that my parents would protect their reputation enough to physically harm me if I rebelled. I currently have a part time job and am thinking about moving somewhere they cannot find me but I know this isn't a solution as cutting ties are haraam. I honestly do not know what to do at this point and would like help from the Muslim community as I cannot turn to family for help.