Before marriage we both knew we both would want children, we obviously did not talk about anything more than that. And we both are close to Islam.
We've been married 8 months now and now we're into a lot of disagreements. I love him and I know he loves and we both really really want kids but I am strictly against being strict, especially raising our hand on them. He on the other hand feels that is a necessity, not like abusing but if kids misbehave or anything. He says just showing love gets the kid spoiled while I feel the opposite. I tell him that love is the only thing required when it comes to kids and I want to be more like a friend to kids, while he says being a friend is never gonna happen with him. He's going to be just a father and strict whenever he feels necessary.
Just to make it clear, he's not saying to abuse the child in anyway but like a slap on bum when he does something wrong or more when he's older. Besides that he feels that he would not want to get his kid everything he needs and would want to teach him a bit about poor lifestyle so he's ready for everything, my husband's a self made man too. This has caused quite a number of fights between us.
Also, because we still don't agree to anything and because he doesn't want me to have stress in pregnancy, he has stopped getting intimate at all. I never really knew how to start by myself so nowadays I stay even more moody than ever. We've been talking about it since the last 3 months when we both were ready for a kid just after a month of marriage