I'm married to a man with anger management issues. I try to not escalate the situation but so many things set him off.

He lashes out loudly and violently. It's not like he physically abuses me he'll punch my arm or pinch me it usually doesn't leave a bruise. But it hurts me most when he physically harms his cat. He'll hit the cat really hard or put it under the shower while it's running, a cat isn't a human even if it did some thing wrong yesterday it doesn't understand that it's being punished for it today.

This is my second marriage and I do actually love my husband. I don't want to throw away a chance at being with someone who I love and who says he loves me. At the same time I don't know how to deal with this issue and I don't know of its curable.

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue or can anyone offer some kind of advice regarding dealing with someone like this?